NetEnt Games - Understanding Their RTP

If you are a lover of casino games, then the name NetEnt may not be new to you. NetEnt is a game developer that is famous for providing incredible casino games. We'll be discussing the RTP of the developer's game in this article. Visit for NetEnt game reviews.


Definition of RTP

Return to Player (RTP) is a term related to casino games. It is defined as the percentage of money players wager on a game that will be paid back to them as winnings. You can play several kinds of NetEnt games at casinos listed on reelzreview .

For a better understanding of what RTP, let's consider this example. Let's assume that a particular game has a stipulated RTP of 96%, and the overall amount of money that players bet on it is $100. Then the game will pack winnings of $96.

Why Should I Be Bothered?

Well, if you take one more look at the previous example, you'll realize that not all the money wagered on the game is paid back as winnings. So what happens to the rest? The rest of the money is called the House Edge, and it is the casino's profit.

What is the Importance of RTP

Since the casinos will deduct from the amount wagered in a game, it is essential that you as a player go for NetEnt games with high RTP values. This is because the higher the value of the RTP, the more you and other players can win from the game.

The RTP of NetEnt Games

NetEnt games are known to have a high RTP rate. The average return to player percentage of a NetEnt game is 96%. In fact, some games from the developer offer players as much as 99% RTP. We will now talk about the RTP of some of these games.

RTP of Popular NetEnt Slots

The popular Starburst video slot from NetEnt has an RTP of 96.10%. Gonzo's Quest which is one of the most widely played slot games also comes with an RTP of 96%. Blood Sucker on the other hand offer players a return to player rate of 97%.

Does RTP Change?

There are a few NetEnt games which their RTP value might change when the game is in different modes. The slot, Hotline has an RTP of 96.13% when it is in the base game. But when the bonus mode is triggered, this RTP value goes up to 97.04%.

Nevertheless, you need to know that the RTP of a game cannot change because you are playing from your desktop or mobile device. Additionally, you should be aware that the RTP is a theoretical value and can slightly be different from casino to casino.

RTP vs Volatility

A few casino players ofter confuse RTP and volatility to be the same thing. The two terms have different meanings. Volatility is the risk that you take when you play a casino game, and it does not have anything to do with the amount the game can return.

Summary and Conclusion

We've explained what return to player of NetEnt game is in this article. Remember that the RTP tells you how much the game can pay back in its entire life span. So always ensure that you check it before you go ahead to play it.